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Four Dishes to a Perfect Summer

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Summer is here at last, and the kitchen is heating up. KASA is serving up fresh, new seasonal items featuring locally-sourced fish, and ingredients inspired by the tropics.

New raw bar items include Salmon and Grouper Sashimi. The salmon version is bright and clean with cucumber, mango and fresno chilis while the latter variety offers up thinly sliced Grouper, coconut water and lychee limeade all nestled in a ripe coconut shell.

Grouper makes another appearance in our Grouper Puttanesca entree - an 8 oz filet of calypso seasoned Florida Grouper atop a bed of spinach garlic pappardelle.

The mac n’ cheese tasting has also undergone a makeover to suit the warm weather. Aptly-named the Summer Mac, this dish is comprised of fresh, locally-made pasta, irish cheddar mornay, and asparagus layered with panko topping, manchego and fried shallots. Preserved lemon adds an unexpected hint of brightness to an otherwise rich, savory dish.

And let’s not forget about the drinks. What better way to top off a hot summer night than with one of KASA’s hand-crafted cocktails. The Mango Breeze is an invigorating blend of Bacardi mango rum, mint, and fresh citrus juices. The Ruby Rita is also deserving of the limelight. With Combier grapefruit, agave nectar and lemon bitters, this libation is sure to please any grapefruit lover’s palette.

So whether you’re spending your summer at work or at home, just remember that feeling like you’re at a beach somewhere in the shade of a big umbrella is only a Tasting, Entree and Cocktail away.