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Spring Forth the New Additions

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New Items on the Menu

Now available for lunch

Comprised of fresh and vibrant ingredients, our Wahoo Fish Tacos will enhance your palette and lunch experience every time! A soft flour tortilla holds our wild caught wahoo seared with torgarshi spices, kimchee aioli, sunomono vegetables, topped with kiwi and mango salsa, crushed peanuts, and jalapeno slivers.

Dinner never looked so good

Our Tamarind Grilled Rack of Lambs provides a sweet-tart flavor and paired with a fennel slaw on thinly sliced green apples and topped with cucumber and mint.

Are you Gluten-Free?

KASA is known for its globally inspired dishes.

The majority of the menu is designed to allow a guest to order multiple Tastings and experience many flavors from around the world. A diner should not be restricted by an inconvenient allergy or just a plain lifestyle or diet. KASA has shared many menu items that can be prepared to accommodate a Gluten Free diner.

Luckily for any gluten free diners, one of the most popular entrees at KASA can be prepared gluten free! The Chimichurri Hanger Steak, which is served atop smashed fingerling potatoes and topped with a sautéed vegetable medley, is sure to meet all of your hunger needs. First, the steak is marinated in a traditional Argentinian sauce called chimichurri, which is comprised of green herbs blended with olive oil. The steak is cooked to the diners’ desired temperature; however, the Chef highly recommends medium for optimum tenderness. The fingerling potatoes are pressed and seasoned while cooking and then lightly coated in paprika oil. Shitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas and red onions get a light sauté before sitting atop this beautiful steak. The plate is typically dressed with a demi glaze; however, to be gluten free this must be removed from the dish.

No great meal is complete without a sweet finish! Recently added to the dessert menu, the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta topped with peppercorn champagne strawberries is sure to leave you with a smile. Panna Cotta originated in Italy and literally translates to “cooked cream”. This dessert is smooth, creamy and the perfect ending to any meal.

This fun tour through the menu is not the only option for a gluten free experience. Other items such as the Cranberry Kale salad, Quinoa Greek salad, fresh Oysters, Mojo Spareribs, and Flourless Chocolate Cake can all be a fulfilling part of a no gluten meal at KASA! To view the entire menu at KASA, please visit the link on www.Kasarestaurant.com